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Kids Prize Pack is a New and Unique Subscription Service for Kids!

Our goal is to promote "Fun through Literacy and Imagination". We believe that the Happiest Kids are those who read, play, and use their imaginations. Our Prize Packs are loaded with the Best Books, the Coolest Toys, and an assortment of other Amazing Items.

Please Note: Kids Prize Pack auto-renews each cycle.  If you have any questions you can reach us at

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Kids Prize Pack is focused on helping children all over the country build a strong love and desire to read. Studies have shown that a large percentage of kids who claim to “Hate” reading say it is because they can’t find anything interesting to read. Our goal at Kids Prize Pack is to provide a Unique and Fun solution to this problem.

Every Kids Prize Pack will include an Age and Gender appropriate Book, Toys, Games, and an assortment of other items. We choose a New Theme each month and base all included items on it. Our thoughts are that if a child enjoys playing with the Amazing Toys and Games, than they will also want to read the Book on the same subject. This is means your child will be reading more often and will quickly learn to love reading.


Don’t have the Time or Money to waste going to the store and paying retail every time your children want a new toy or book?

We have got you covered! We work closely with the Best Companies in the Industry so we can bring you Fantastic Items well below retail. The best part is that you don’t even have to drive in the rain to get it! Your children will get weeks of entertainment from each Kids Prize Pack. Our monthly Themes also lets each Kids Prize Pack to feel completely original so your kids will always look forward to getting their next one.

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Box guarantee

Featuring Books, Toys, Comics, Apparel and More!

Each Kids Prize Pack comes with our "Book in the Box" Guarantee! We believe that every child should enjoy reading. It is this belief that drives us to put an Age & Gender appropriate book in every Kids Prize Pack. We couple these books with toys from the same theme. Studies have shown that if children are excited to play with a toy, they will want to read a book on the same topic.